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American Pigeon

Based in Schenectady, New York
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About American Pigeon

Welcome to American Pigeon
"One of the more remarkable traits of pigeons is their immense ability to adapt. Their capacity to easily adjust to their environment allows them to flourish anywhere in the world. Pigeons are a symbol of strength and flexibility. Their presence serves as our guide in overcoming the most difficult of odds, providing clout to survive even in foreign terrains and at times, even in the harshest of conditions."
One night I was surfing the web when stumbled upon the vast collection of public domain maps and images from the Library Of Congress. I spent hours combing through everything in awe, so much interesting history and amazing art, all in one place! At that time I was also enrolled in a Photoshop course online, and decided I would try my hand at digitally restoring some of the maps and images to their original glory. It was a fun challenge and I was learning a lot in the process. As my collection of images grew I wanted to find a way of sharing them with others, so I started turning them into mini notebooks that I could give to friends and family. I never expected how much of a hit they would be! I started to incorporate some of my own designs, and eventually opened an Etsy shop. American Pigeon was officially born. I got a lot of great feedback from people all over the country, and some of my products even made it into a few stores.
Then, in the beginning of 2021, my IT position was eliminated and I suddenly found myself without a job for the first time since I was 15. Since the pandemic was still going strong and finding work was difficult, I decided to work on American Pigeon full time. Growing up I had two dreams; own my own business and be a professional artist. American Pigeon allows me to do both!
-Anthony Ruscitto
American Pigeon  | Trada Marketplace
Founder of American Pigeon