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Taurus Zodiac Socks

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About Taurus Zodiac Socks

Taurus: April 20 - May 20

You're careful and methodical, preferring a steady pace in both work and pleasure. Tauruses are strong bulls with a knack for sensing when someone is full of... bull. Wearing black helps you stay grounded while pops of pink and green help encourage you to stay positive and energetic.

Tribe Digital Polyester Crew Socks are printed using our signature 360 DTG process (no dye sublimation) that prints vibrant, full color artwork directly onto these 200 needle knit polyester blend socks.
One Size Fits Most: Men's US size 3.5 to 12, Women's US size 5 to 14, UK size 4 to 11.5, EU size 36 to 46.